Monday, February 10, 2014

Abbott must block gillard's appointment to a UN scandal ridden quango

Michael Smith News

The role of the Chairman is as a fiduciary responsible for the
entity.   The Chairmanship is separate from the directors of the
Board/Committee.   The Chairman's appointment is not a rotational
selection from directors, rather the appointment seems to be made in its
own right.

I've included the Chairman's job description at the end of this piece.

Hedley Thomas reports 

It is understood Ms Gillard has confirmed her availability and that the Abbott government will not object.
However, the drive to lower costs and expenditures is expected to
determine whether Australia should continue to make significant

The Abbott Government is duty-bound to object.   It must object.   It
has no choice, it has no latitude, no room for a judgement call or the
granting of some benefit arising from doubts about Ms Gillard's
integrity.   There is no doubt as to her suitability to act in a role
with responsibility for stewardship over some billions of dollars of
other people's money.   She carries a finding of having acted (as a
lawyer) in the furtherance of fraud.   She cannot escape it, it is
simply a fact of her life.   And her troubles extend beyond that.

Julia Eileen GILLARD is a suspect currently under investigation for
offences of Fraud, Conspiracy to Cheat and Defraud and Making and Using
False Instruments (forgery).   She further faces an investigation by the
Legal Services Board of Victoria for certain of her conduct as a lawyer
in the 1990s.

Tony Abbott is no doubt well advised about the contemporary zeitgeist
and its received wisdom which holds that Ms Gillard is somehow cocooned
from and free of guilty connections with her actions as a lawyer in The
AWU Scandal.   That notion is pure wishful thinking on Gillard's
part.   For others, like Mr Abbott whose first duty is to the nation,
not to his "niceness" ranking, the zeitgeist could better be described
as bullshit.   Irrelevant, misleading bullshit and unworthy of being
considered as a legitimate factor in an assessment of what's right for


Gillard, this harridan, this schapelle corby of politics, this talentless vile parasite of a marxist carpetbagger, must be forced from public life. We are paying this disgusting bitch's ticket and in return she is deforming our political life, ripping us off, enabling further organised crime and generally being the stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable traitor that any thinking person knows she is.

Is Abbott running a government or a rabble? Is the new coalition government part of the same cosy club as the marxist regime they replaced? Is there really a political journalist class of would be rulers or is Abbott the leader of a genuinely ethical genuinely conservative government of Australia?

First he lets the ALPBC go after their treasonous behaviour, now the fix is in for gillard.


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