Saturday, February 8, 2014

What are the ACCC and police doing? | Catallaxy Files

What are the ACCC and police doing? | Catallaxy Files

Grace Collier has
an important piece in the Australian today where she blows the whistle
on some of the practices in the Australian construction industry.  She
focuses particularly the egregious (surely illegal?) behaviour of head
contractors forcing subcontractors into damaging (often bankrupting)
arrangements with their workers because the CFMEU has insisted this
happen (so-called ‘jump up’ clauses).

She also raises the issues of why the ACCC does not intervene or the
police act to remove picketers from blocking access to businesses.

You will all be pleased to know that the ACCC’s highest priority at the moment is on-line restaurant reviews.  In
the meantime, the rights of honest business people are being crushed,
businesses are destroyed, lawlessness is encouraged and construction
costs are significantly inflated.  Good one, Rod.


ACCC needs to be abolished. Commonwealth Solicitor General should be handling trade practice and false and misleading advertising, investigation should be by department or federal police. I know, it's insane to suggest the AFP actually DO something... But hey.

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