Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chocolate Jesus, Magic Negro... Just another iteration of the MKULTRA puppetry. And next will come the "right wing conservative" version as a reaction to this crap. Hegelianism and its dialectic is the real enemy.

George Soros bankrolled his dodgy business dealings, Saudis helped pay for his setup as senator and then president,his family connections with prominent foreign businessman in islamic strongholds and his CIA links secured favourable media coverage at every turn.

Despite his obvious lack of intelligence and his lack of any other redeeming social features other than a kind of cheapjack oratorical charisma, and his utterly unspectacular performance as a politician, he rose to front runner status. Inconvenient records were made to disappear, and in their place fake documents containing real facts were released as traps for the few remaining investigative journalists to trigger like lethal land mines of disinformation.

His phoney baloney religion is a cover for a satanic lust for power and his true faith is luciferian. His daughters are afforded every luxury even as he destroyed the hope for everyone else's families.

Stripped of the support of teleprompter or simple slogans, he is little more than a drug or booze addled moron who can mangle even the simplest grade school level sentence.

But enough about George W. Bush...

Yep, Barry and George are like two peas in a pod- glove puppet A and glove puppet B. And even popular culture with "edgy" content like the pablum-fest Matrix emphasizes the false choice- that it has to be one pill or the other.

Stop taking pills.

Wake the fuck up.

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