Friday, January 11, 2013

What does the global warming hoax tell us about the JFK coverup?

An argument dreamed up a little after the first criticism of the Warren Commission was made public, is that any suggested conspiracy would be so large that "someone would have talked".

Well, firstly, people DID talk. Jesse Curry came out and said years later that based on the spray of blood and brain on the back of the limousine and on his officers behind JFK there had to be a kill shot from the front. That's just one serious example.

But more generally, just as with the global warming hoax, people who are not involved directly as conspirators, but who still benefit from maintaining a corrupt status quo, will enable the conspiracy to endure long after common sense would have struck it down.

Journalists are whores, and to continue making their unethical money of course they repeat the lies. Likewise there are many unethical science graduates working in dead end jobs, or even worse, as bureaucrats. There do-nothing jobs rely on pointless edicts authorising expenditure as well as the constant churn of useless paperwork.

JFK's murder by contract assassins and the use of a Walter Mitty type agent as the patsy is just a more extreme example of the same "cui bono" effect.

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