Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JFK: CIA did it! But... What about the DIA? Never hear anything about them...

L Fletcher Prouty for example tips shit all over the CIA... But almost all his evidence, including the documents and manuals he supplied, are actually DIA documents used by elements within the Pentagon.

DIA supervised the MLK Jr hit and infiltrated SENATOR to coordinate the RFK hit. They also directly exerted control in the JFK hit by destroying military records and standing down staff. CIA couldn't have done that.

DIA is quietly there, even named in the now infamous "George Bush of the CIA" Hoover memo.

Unlike CIA, there's never been a big spill of information on them, nor has there ever been the Addams Family cast of characters such as has emerged from CIA in relation to the assassinations.

In other words DIA has truly "gotten away with it".

And then there's the phoenix-like DISC, reappearing as though newly created each decade...

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