Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When Deep Learning and Systems Thinking Radicalizes the Student, Factual Reality Ceases to Matter | Invisible Serfs Collar

When Deep Learning and Systems Thinking Radicalizes the Student, Factual Reality Ceases to Matter | Invisible Serfs Collar

Virtually all of the actual curriculum for Common Core I have seen makes Sustainability the focus of classroom activities. And not in the sense of conservation of natural resources and please do not litter. As a connected Swede, Carl Lindberg, put it, the whole point of the UN inspired international Education for Sustainable Development is to “create a feeling of global responsibility” in each individual. Needless to say, teaching young children and adolescents that they are merely parts of a broader community that ultimately encompasses the whole planet via systems thinking is a useful tool to create just such a useful feeling.

To cultivate that Senge-Scharmer Blind Spot we discussed here so that each student’s perceptions and future behaviors can be manipulated.


Essentially, this is the current evolved form of the Engineering of Consent. Each new iteration of mind control for the masses has used refinements, especially after the failure of Tony Blair to complete the task of permanent universal hypnotic condition through language and mass media in Great Britain.

His "failure to sell his message" is the signal lesson "learned" by sociopathic actors such as Barry Soetoro and gillard. Ironic though it may be that these puppets and their masters are themselves trapped within a paradigm, it is the paradigm in which they wish to entrap everyone else that must be the focus.

The essential feature of the monopoly capitalism-socialism construct in terms of its attempts to enslave is the "sticky paradigm", the contagious message that leads to glecischaltung - coordination - of thought. In this way enslaved morons infect and re-infect each other with buzzword based conditioning, constantly reinforcing the learned behaviour of fascist control systems.

De-Nazification was a spectacular failure. There is no way back from long-term hypno sub training. It is too traumatic and too all-encompassing. The sticky paradigm reinfects the mind constantly, virulently, leading to permanent loss of willpower. And don't forget it is also subject to massive chemical reinforcement. What the masses are led to eat and drink - and consume via media - are not accidental.

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