Tuesday, January 22, 2013

JFK: the tipping point of the American empire

Post World War 2, America ascended as the replacement for Great Britain as the heart of the anglosphere empire.

At that point, the normal rules of empire applied to America, just as they had done in Britain. Although in America's case, due to its culture, the resemblance is more to the medieval civil war period of Japan.

JFK took power through corruption of the electoral process, narrowly beating Nixon in 1960. This was the normal rat race of the oligarchs.

JFK's manner and intention was to be an emperor. The opposing oligarchical faction was to create a shogunate. Nixon was the weak emperor figurehead for the oligarchs; JFK was an oligarch who decided to become an emperor. Thus was the battle line drawn.

With the murder of JFK by the oligarchy, the shogunate faction took power, and did its best to make its rule permanent, Tokugawa style. Tokugawa style means- excessive pleasure culture, decadent refinements of popular culture, sterile glorification of the revered ancestors, and disarmament of the citizens.

Another indicator that America became a shogunate is that the emperors under the shogunate system are empty suits- morons like George W. Bush and Barry Soetoro. Their personal failings are irrelevant to the fake political process but essential to the control of the weak emperors.

Unfortunately, a shogunate is irreversible. No emperor can be powerful enough to take power back from the oligarchs. The endgame from here is collapse after external interference or invasion.


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