Thursday, January 24, 2013

Great crook President of the 20th century who escaped the worst consequences of his crimes: LBJ. New Democrat same as the old Democrat: Clinton.

Then the big white whale, Clinton. What about someone who is a war criminal, a taker of bribes from foreign dictatorships, almost certainly a rapist (plausibly accused, anyway, by three believable women, of rape), executed a black man (Ricky Ray Rector ) who was so mentally retarded that he was unable to plead or to understand the charges — You’re against all that, right? But you’re for it when it’s someone who you think is a “New Democrat”.

-Christopher Hitchens*

*an even better and more generally applicable quote of his is that the media perpetrate this great lie that their relationship to Washington is in any way adversarial, that the media are the public's watchdog, rather than being Washington's lapdog. Hence: lapdog media, the term he coined.
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