Friday, January 18, 2013

DB Cooper and the Curse of Skinwalker Ranch

MY LIFE WITH DB COOPER | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

I came back to Salt Lake City after serving a full mission. I started to fall away from the church and was excommunicated a year after my return. I contacted Wolfgang again to tell him about my experience and he agreed to meet with me. He was excited to see me and told me that he had just returned from an investigation he was making this outrageous claim that somewhere out in Duchesne Utah, in The Uinta basin was a time portal. He presented to me an aged coin and said to me that he couldn’t believe how clean it was and that the coin was from somewhere other than earth.

Again I was always amazed at some of the experiences that he was sharing with me. He always sent my imagination reeling and every time there was something new he would talk with me about. If there was anything about Bigfoot, time dimensional doorways, the JFK assassination or even DB Cooper, he always could run with that information and keep me entertained.

I ended up getting married and lost track of Wolfgang. The radio station KCGL became a modern Rock station. It wasn’t until 1995 that I ended up with my own paranormal show Ground Zero.
I investigated various cases as the host of my own Paranormal show and it wasn’t until a year later that I was hearing of strange UFO activity happening in the Uinta basin – I contacted Mildred Beasley of MUFON Utah and asked her about the situation and she told me that there are only two people in the state that know of paranormal activity in that area, Frank Salisbury and William Gossett. It didn’t even hit me that William Gossett was Wolfgang until she gave me his phone number and when he answered I heard a familiar voice.

He was a guest on my show with Frank Salisbury where they talked about UFO’s and time portals over the Uinta basin and the area near a bluff where Wolfgang found his coin.

The UFO activity in the basin turned into a Deseret news investigation into the “Sherman Ranch” – a ranch that was situated beneath a bluff or mesa in the Fort Duchesne area. Dan Sherman was a farmer who claimed that he was seeing large portals of light opening up on his ranch, UFO landings, large muscular black men roaming the area and upright walking wolves. The ranch was later called the “Skinwalker ranch” after it was purchased by Robert Bigelow of the national Institute of Discovery Science.

It was Gossett who knew of the portals and he had discussed them with me years prior to the commotion and reports that were filed in the newspaper and later in a book by reporter George Knapp.

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