Wednesday, January 30, 2013

THOMSON ARRESTED | Herald Sun Tim Blair Blog

THOMSON ARRESTED | Herald Sun Tim Blair Blog

We have witnessed a very momentous occasion today with the arrest of Craig Thomson, I reckon Gillard had the heads up and that is why she announced the election yesterday, to try and shore up her maniacal and extremely fragile leadership.

What we have witnessed is the honest, down to earth people fight for what is decent and right and it is working.

Julia Gillard is a disgusting, dishonest fraud and has dragged Australia in to the political sewer, all Labor Party faithful must hang their heads in shame at letting their party be taken over by radical minorities, they must now take responsibility for themselves and their party, grow up, behave like adults and clean their party up, to do anything less shows how weak as piss they really are.

Michael Smith, Larry Pickering etc you have done us all extremely proud.

Posted by: Peter Gilmour

Although in Australia the traitorous, the retarded and welfare colonist can all and indeed must all vote, if any normal freeborn Australians vote for gillard or any of the rat bastard socialist scum, they are fucking unhinged.
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