Tuesday, January 22, 2013

JFK: Oswald as the patsy

Despite all the evidence from the Warren Commission, the HSCA and the Church Committee, despite all the other documented evidence in the last fifty years, even now talking about JFK is almost impossible without running into nuts still pushing their same crazy theories about Oswald.

I refer of course to the sad souls who claim Oswald assassinated JFK.

Oswald went to work on the day of the assassination as though nothing was going to happen. He'd already made reports to both the CIA and FBI about the right-wing groups he'd joined or infiltrated, and he had washed his hands of Marina after she refused to move into the new apartment with him.

WE know that the FBI and CIA suppressed or destroyed the notes he sent. WE know how closely the oswald doubles were stalking him to make the legend work. HE had no idea.

Hence, when confronted in the police station by the lapdog media already repeating the accusation that he was the presidential assassin, voice print analysis indicates:

1. he didn't shoot anyone;

2. he had prior knowledge of the assassination- of course he did, he frantically reported on it and helped changed JFK's public movement pattern in Chicago and Miami;

3. he was suprised that they were going forward with making him the patsy.

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