Monday, January 28, 2013

DID it happen?

The antiheroic protagonist of Point Blank (1967) was renamed Walker for the film. Psychedelic and alienative imagery abounds. It is unnecessary, as was the renaming of the protagonist. It alerts us that something else is going on.

Mutandam mutandis, the antiheroic alter ego of the heroic protagonist of Dark City was originally called Walker in the script until Alex Proyas was overruled by David Goyer who said that using the name Walker was too sophomoric and trite. He is named instead John Murdock which in its own way, if it is judged solely on the merits of replacing "Walker"- no different, no better.

Pornographic films that the ever-corrupt LAPD found at the site of the Tate LaBianca hits included some featuring the murdered woman Sharon Tate being penetrated (in separate films) by Dean Martin, Yul Brynner, Peter Sellers and others. Allowing for the swinging sixties and her recent induction into the orgiastic amateur black magic of Hollywood satanism, it's still interesting to see Yul Brynner appear in the guest list- he played so many alters it was almost his career, including playing the alter of an alter when he reprised "Chris" from the Magnificent Seven as the cowboy robot in Westworld- exchanging heroic antihero redeemed through charity violence for villainous executioner without pity, smirking his way through assumed inevitable victory over his human prey.

Walker- which is also the alias of The Phantom, and a term redolent with meaning- walk-ins, walking dead, walking nightmares, skinwalkers...

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