Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Access Trading Scheme for interviews with Rudd - Peter Hartcher granted 3 year permit free - Michael Smith News

Access Trading Scheme for interviews with Rudd - Peter Hartcher granted 3 year permit free - Michael Smith News

This is actually a true story.   The SMH has the cold facts in its piece below.   Labor, when too much corruption is not enough.

From the system that nurtured Eddie Obeid, Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson and covered-up for Bruce Wilson and his helpful partner Julia Gillard, comes the "Access Trading Scheme" for media interviews with Australia's Prime Minister.

The Access Trading Scheme is also known as Kev-talk Cap and Trade, or a Kev-Crap Reduction Program.  Under a Kev-talk Trading Scheme, the Labor Party's advertising agency (Naked Communications) offers permits for "exclusive" interviews with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.   Media can purchase permits in exchange for free pro-Labor advertising and editorial on youth websites.  The theory behind the scheme is that the number of permits is gradually reduced, so that only Latika Burke, Peter Hartcher and Lenore Taylor will eventually have Kev's mobile number.

Apparently the Labor Party's moral compass got dropped in the industrial shredder as Kim Beazley cleaned out the office when Kevin rolled him.   That's allowed plausibly deniable innovative profit-making ventures like this one to flourish during Labor's incumbency.

This grab from the SMH's story below is a beauty in showing how the rats run for cover once they get sprung - it's a real insight into Labor culture:

Initially Mr Wright said he would  keep employing Naked, but later said the agency had been sacked. The decision was taken by Mr Rudd. A spokesman said: ‘‘He won’t tolerate this sort of behaviour.’’

Earlier a spokeswoman for Mr Rudd had said: “The actions of Naked Communications were conducted without the authority or knowledge of the Prime Minister, or his office.”       

However, emails obtained by Fairfax Media suggest the Prime Minister’s office was informed of the negotiations.

This story is from today's smh.com.au, written by Jonathan Swan.


Kevin Rudd: Caligula with the class of a shithouse rat. If you vote for these scumwads you are a moron and a traitor.
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