Thursday, July 25, 2013

ANUS ISLAND- home of the islamofags and their disgusting death cult of misogyny, anal rape and bloodthirsty savagery. We don't want any of them!

One week on - as many boat arrivals as ever | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

A shocking insight into the conditions at Manus - and into some of the detainees there who have since been flown to Australia:

Explosive claims of rapes among detainees and disturbing violent incidents including two escapes, a violent protest against the centre doctors and a slashing attack, have been revealed by a detention centre guard.

The Papua New Guinea national ...  [backs] up claims made by the centre’s former occupational health and safety head Rod St George…

He said in the worst incident in May the PNG nationals working for G4S were asked to go to the single men’s quarters and help remove a badly injured man who had been raped. The victim, he says, was a Pakistani national who had been raped by six Middle Eastern men.

‘’We had to go into the tent and he was there and it was very bad,’’ said the guard. ‘’There was excrement all over the tent.’’

He said the man spent about two weeks in the camp clinic before being sent back into the single men’s compound where his attackers could roam freely.

Was there a cover up?

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