Friday, July 5, 2013

KEVNILOTTO | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

KEVNILOTTO | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

Parliament has to be recalled unless Rudd announces a Sept 14 or earlier poll.

That’s the constitution.

Parliament rose on the basis of the election date being Sept 14. Now it could be as late as late November.
What? Five months with no scrutiny of Kevin None For Seven’s running the country?

Hardly as if the media will do it. Too busy NOT asking about debt boatpeople, power pricing, carbon taxes etc.

poa (Reply)
Tue 02 Jul 13 (12:30pm) 

Michelle replied to poa
Tue 02 Jul 13 (02:30pm)
Agree. No government for 5 months while unelected zippy the cuckoo tours the joint campaigning with whatever crap his latest thought bubble is has my back up.

Stick to Sep 14 or desolve government as unelected and not sitting.
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