Saturday, July 20, 2013

Korrupt krudd and foreknowledge of the PNG clusterfuck

Michael Smith News

A couple of points.  Decmil made its announcement to the ASX of the contract win on 2 July, 2013.
The Federal Government's tender website records the start date of the contract as 18 June, 2013.
Check out the volume in trade when the price started to move from $1.40something in early/mid June.   I hope no one who knew which contractor the Federal Government was going to select, that wouldn't be possible with a Labor government in power.   They are the friend of the working Left Testicle, sorry the working Obeid family, sorry, the working man and woman (paying HSU dues to help out persons who as Secretary of the union require HSU-funded appropriate travelling and relaxation allowances).

Looks a bit like a few profit takers got in around the second last week of June, then took the money and ran in the last week.   Then the stock zoomed on the official announcement in the first week of July.   But that's just me sayin' it as I see it and what would I know.

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