Thursday, July 4, 2013

Krudd level rising

In the few short days since Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister for a second time, it
has become clear that nothing has changed.

Once again Kevin Rudd is announcing grandiose plans, but without setting out any
details – and he is again obsessing with political games and machinations, rather
than getting on and governing in the interests of the Australian people.

If Mr Rudd is serious about fixing up Labor’s failures before the election, then he
needs to do the following:

1. Release the briefings he and the new Treasurer Mr Bowen have now received from
Treasury about the true state of the economy and the true state of the books.  Mr
Rudd needs to be frank with the Australian people about the true state of the
Budget, the deficit, and the debt.
2. Admit he got it wrong when, five years ago, he dismantled the Coalition’s proven
border protection policies – and return Australia to the proven policies that work.
3. Scrap the Carbon Tax – which is a bad tax and an unnecessary burden on every
Australian household and business.
4. Be frank with the Australian people by naming the election date and ending the
5. Stop playing political games.  We all know that 30 years of Labor corruption in
NSW cannot be ended in 30 days.  There’s no way Labor’s problems can be fixed by a
Labor leader who owes his comeback to the faceless men.

Australians need a government that is focused on the Australian people.  Only the
Coalition has a Plan
to build a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia.

Kevin Rudd proved last time that a ‘one-man-band’ cannot run a strong, stable and
competent government.  In contrast to Mr Rudd, the Coalition’s team includes 16
people in the Shadow Cabinet who were Ministers in the last Coalition Government. 
The Coalition, led by Tony Abbott, offers Australia the only truly united team.

There is no doubt that after years of civil war Labor remain deeply divided and are
merely papering over their differences to get them through the election.

The next election is the clearest choice in a generation: between the Coalition and
our Real Solutions Plan
to build a stronger Australia and a better future, or a divided and dysfunctional
Labor Party that is making it up as it goes along.

Brian Loughnane
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