Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Journalism" as practised by leftwing scum.

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As for Bridie herself, she was a Labor member even in her teens, and dreamed of doing Labor’s work when older, as she wrote in The Australian:

When I’m 38

ALP member, Grafton
In 2026, I’d like to be working in policy.
Having joined the ALP at such a young age, I hope I will have had a lot of opportunities by then.
When I’m 38 - 2026 A Vision for the Nation’s Future: Part 12 Politics and Ideas:
The Australian 03 Nov 2006
Don’t you love it when dreams come true?

But don’t you hate - I mean, really hate - this gotcha journalism of the hypocritical Left, seeking to take offence for political purposes, while acting offensively themselves?
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