Monday, July 15, 2013

KOKODA KEV. When you have a (psychotic) break, make sure it's in public and irrevocable.

Rudd announces he’s a Kokoda Track “survivor” | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

I checked the audio, and it didn’t sound at all that he was joking:

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has described himself as a “survivor” of the Kokoda Track where hundreds of Australian soldiers were killed in World War II.

On the final day of his two-day trip to Papua New Guinea, Mr Rudd announced Australia would increase financial support for health and hospitals in Papua New Guinea to help save lives…

Mr Rudd said the assistance was worthy as Australians had a soft spot for PNG given 3000 Australians walked the Kokoda Track each year.

“I was one of them way back then and I am survivor of the Kokoda Track,” the PM said.

What a man. Probably stopped the Japanese advance single-handed, too, just after he invented penicillin and just before he designed the Snowy Mountain scheme.


Caligula with the class of a shithouse rat.

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