Sunday, July 7, 2013

You showed them! You showed them all!

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James in Melbourne
Posted earlier on another thread, which unfortunately died shortly thereafter. But I wanted to set down my take on our Dear Leader (Brought Back By The Will of Juche):

Every day, every minute, every time Rudd opens his mouth, Labor voters – like beer fairies when someone drinks a Canadian Club – explode and die.

It’s the mind-boggling condescension; the grotesque narcissism; the pretentious over-analysis of everything; the ludicrous thesaurus-mined vocabulary, that makes his every speech a weird froth of verbiage devoid of actual meaning; the overwhelming smugness; the insufferable conceit; the off-the-scale self-regard; the insane, all-consuming craving for unanimous awed recognition as the smartest person in the room (and any room); the teenage levels of self-aggrandisement; the hilarious bigging-up name-dropping; the crass, bathetic, utter inability to relate to anyone below his perceived level, AKA everybody; the primed-to-explode grievances that fester behind the rictus smile; the ridiculous OCD of the just-so white-shirt-coloured-tie-and-navy-suit – unless it’s a weekend and it’s the ridiculous OCD of the just-so-khaki-chinos-and-chambray-shirt; the painful fakeness of the manufactured persona; the desperate fist-clenching as he suppresses the anger that ordinary people make him feel; the lightning speed to perceive a slight; the drawn-out hundred-fold revenge in return; the delight in humiliating those beneath him; and the cloying, fulsome, gushing insincerity of his fawning over other world leaders.

Does anyone seriously think this man can be voted in as Prime Minister again by an electorate now wholly and painfully aware – which it was not before – of all of the above?

Sorry, Kevin, it’s over. Yes, those cool kids at school that got all of the girls’ attention, with their pathetic muscles and dumb macho posturing and stupid, smart-arsed lines – how could those morons have laughed? – while you – YOU! – went ignored for all those years! You tried to hide your superiority and suck up to them, those nobodies! But you showed them, you showed them, how dare those stupid cows ignore YOU, you were smarter and better than all of them! You showed them! You showed them all!

Yes, you did show them. Be happy with that. Because it’s over. Australia knows you now.

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