Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tony Abbott: What Rudd Was Hiding From You Today

Mr Rudd has today deliberately misled Australian families about the cost to them of his new floating carbon tax.

Fixed or floating, this is still a great big carbon tax that Australian families and businesses will continue to pay.

 Mr Rudd has merely altered Julia Gillard’s carbon tax plans for just one financial year.

Otherwise it is exactly the same.

Here are the facts:

1. The policy change announced today is just a one year fiddle – it has simply changed a $64 billion tax into a $58 billion tax.

2. Kevin Rudd’s plan will cost average families more than $3000 over the next six years.

3. On the Government’s own figures, the carbon tax will increase six-fold between mid-2014 and mid-2019. 4. On the Government's own figures, the carbon tax will reach $38 a tonne by 2019 and increase to $350 a tonne over time.

 This morning Mr Rudd and his Treasurer, Mr Bowen, contradicted each other at the same press conference. Mr Rudd said that families would save $380 “per year” and repeated this misrepresentation five times.

Mr Bowen corrected him and said it was just a saving of only $380 in the 2014-15 financial year, but Mr Rudd continued to repeat his $380 “per year” claim.

 Only the Coalition will scrap the carbon tax lock, stock and barrel. Under the Coalition’s plans, average families will be better off by more than $550 a year in 2014-15, rising to around $900 a year in 2019-20.

The Coalition’s Direct Action policy to reduce emissions won’t cost families a dollar – because it is costed, capped and fully funded from savings in the budget.

Kevin Rudd has supported every conceivable position on a carbon tax, except scrapping it. He proposed a CPRS, then he delayed the CPRS, then he dumped the CPRS, then he supported a carbon tax, and now he supports a floating carbon tax.

Mr Rudd may like to debate himself at the Press Club next week to thrash out these issues.

 The re-election of the Labor government would mean that Australians will continue to pay the carbon tax.

It will continue to be a tax on electricity bills and it will continue to hurt Australian families and hurt local businesses and jobs.

Kevin Rudd has finally conceded that the carbon tax is hurting Australian jobs and driving up the cost of living.

But then he is keeping it to cause more harm and drive jobs offshore.


Tony Abbott
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