Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thank heavens the allies defeated Hitler, so his mad socialist dream of a united states of europe could never be realised!

Amongst the avalanche of deceptive nonsense written about Hitler and Nazism is that they were "right wing" or indeed that such things as right wing and left wing exist in any meaningful sense. Nazism is a socialist subtype, its fascist element is nothing more than the marriage of corporate and national interests- in fact the substitution of the needs of corporations for the needs of the people. As a socialist movement from its earliest beginnings to its end Nazism emphasized the typical jewish bolshevistic elements, even though the anti-semitism of the Nazis (and many other europeans) masked its origins. As a hostile offshoot of bolshevism, and as a movement violently opposed to marxism, it is easy for academic historians and other totally unreliable narrative peddlars to conflate Nazism with wholly separate elitist ideologies.

There was no elitist element to Nazism. The addition of racial and anti-semitic beliefs made Nazism an evolutionary dead end, but it is still comfortably within the socialist family. Indeed the constantly repeated refrain of Nazism was that worker and intellectual were on an equal footing. And indeed in Nazi germany they were.

Moreover, the EU and its socialist bureaucrat ruling class are spiritual inheritors of fascism. Their attempt to create a mongrelised underclass across europe to function as the epsilon semi moron workers of a new united states of europe is the explanation for the mass influx of third world illegal immigrants. Likewise the dominion germany holds over the EU is Hitler's dream made real.

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