Monday, January 7, 2013

ALPBC / Their ABC - which we have to pay for: Great Moments In Tasmanian Bushfire Sensitivity Training

FULL DISCLOSURE | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

Reader David comments:

“The ABC at 11am today ran a repeat episode of Landline (currently on its long, long, long annual holiday). The main story was about the Bangor Merino Stud and how much of the property has been retained as thick native vegetation. Where is Bangor station? Between the two towns that have borne the brunt of the Tasmanian fires, Dunalley and Murdanna. Another great moment in programming for our ABC.” 


Not only do we have to pay for a marxist / anti-white broadcasting service TIMES TWO, but when they aren't lauding the psychopathic PM and her parades around inappropriate locations to lick the tears off the faces of crying humans they're suppressing real news at a truly staggering rate.

There are bona fide woo-woo conspiracy sites that have more and better Australian news than the ABC, let alone Michael Smith News which not only outstrips controlled opposition shill Andrew Bolt by a factor of 3-6 times the traffic but also provides real up to the minute crowd sourced information.

Revolution time for the media. The new aeon will usher in the mass extinction of the lapdog media.

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