Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ConspiraZine! | Beyond MKULTRA Series: Review of Madness in the Fast Lane by Elisa

ConspiraZine! | Beyond MKULTRA Series: Review of Madness in the Fast Lane by Elisa

In 2008 in the United Kingdom an event was caught on film involving two women (twins), that would capture the attention of over seven million viewers on BBC. During the course of filming a reality show in which the cameraman rode along with local law enforcement, the Eriksson twins, Ursula and Sabina, would not only survive unimagined trauma, they would go on to survive even more immediately following the initial trauma, and within twenty-four hours one of them would murder an ex-RAF (Royal Air Force) worker.

The reason for this review is that it is apparent to me, to “us,” a victim of “multi-generational, high-level bloodline, ritual abuse, trauma-based, total mind kontrol, hybrid slave programming,” that these women are “programmed hybrids.” This particular hybridization is commonly found in the type of total mind kontrol programming that “we” are familiar with. I am a “we,” an intentionally designed hybrid slave who also was inflicted with severe trauma and torture to facilitate the condition of “Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).” Our hybridization occurred pre-conception and involves human DNA as well as extra-terrestrial DNA, with the addition of at least two types of animal DNA for enhanced “abilities.” Upon viewing this video of the Eriksson twins, it was immediately apparent to “us” who and what it was “we” were witnessing. This falls into the category of “it takes one to know one.” This video is not a hoax, not in the least. It is the real time, inadvertent capturing of two total mind kontrolled hybrids on film. To the average viewer it is a surreal ride through something unexplainable. To “us” it is a classic example of “alters” in an “MPD system” surfacing, with evidence of “kill alters” indeed being a part of that system, all living within an enhanced body.

I would like to take you through this video bit by bit, explaining “our” take on it as someone who comes from inside of the world of total mind kontrol programming, as someone who has been in deep deprogramming for years now.

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