Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eye of Shark, Heart of Stone: Julia Gillard Redux

Julia Gillard is a product of the phenomenon of organised crime in Australia.

So much focus is directed at her to the exclusion of those behind her, and those she has left shatterd in her wake.

As a university student, she reinvented her negative image from high school (where, by the way, NO ONE speaks the way she does. NO ONE.) and found a group to belong to. Deeply insecure, but paradoxically already a near-psychotic narcissist thanks to ther babying and spoiling by her father, she of course gravitated to other Marxists and malignants, of which the political class at any university is a breeding ground.

Raised from birth in a perversely hate filled household, where communism and all the tiresome and irrelevant grievance based politics of inbred Wales held sway, her real religion from birth has been a devout socialism.

People tie themselves in knots trying to interpret her crabbed features as they distort themselves into counterfeit emotions. There's no need to. She is what she appears to be- a retired university bisexual whose hatred of normal men and women is as overwhelming as "Obama"'s hatred of white people.

Her fall will not be as spectacular as some people hope, because she is a willing soldier of organised unionism figure Bill Ludwig. It is his manipulation at work in this country, and he is the source of the evil that is endangering Australia today.

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