Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Love-Song of Imhotep (from Queen of Tears)

I breathe in the sweet breeze that comes from your mouth

I contemplate your beauty every day

All I desire is to hear your lovely voice like the echo of the North Wind

Love will give life back to my limbs.

Give me your hands

The hands that hold my soul

I will embrace you and live again

Call out my name again and again forever

And never will it sound without response.

-The Love-Song of Imhotep


This is the actual love-song of Imhotep, written by him during his imprisonment for the blasphemy of his love affair with the Pharaoh's wife. Each alternate line is for him or his lover to recite to each other, to reach each other's astral body- even across the dark gulf of time itself...

Quoted in the introduction to QUEEN OF TEARS!
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