Thursday, January 3, 2013

Culture jam on toast: When art serves tyranny rather than opposing it

The Artist Formerly Known as Dissident -

Throughout modern history, art typically enters politics on a mass scale in two fashions: first, as a check on power; second, as a tool used by those in power. Freedom of the Press comes into play in both cases, but in very different ways. In the first case, it protects political commentary by artists. This freedom is not a garnish. It is a necessary weapon, enshrined in the Constitution for the purpose of countering contradictions, hypocrisies, and distortions made by politicians and others in power. Yet the art community has responded to the Obama administration's contradictions, hypocrisies, and distortions with near total silence.


Good article, but the writer seems baffled unduly by how and why edgy street art types jumped on board the Obama bus early often and with great passion.

They joined the Obama mythmaking for very simple reasons. Venal self interest, ideological sameness and hatred of white culture. And for that matter, hatred of white people.

When you only make your art if someone is paying you, especially preferably through government grants, then it's the golden rule, isn't it?

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