Thursday, January 3, 2013

Newspaper That Published Addresses of Gun Licence Holders Now... Hires Armed Security Due to Fears of Criminal Response —Ace

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Those at the paper said they felt alarmed by the responses they were getting, which they considered threatening -- though none of them were actually threats.

But that's the whole point: What the paper did to lawful citizens was throw the spotlight of Internet Fame on to a group of people who'd done nothing to warrant it. The reason those people themselves did not like the Sudden Internet Spotlight is simple: Who knows what wackadoos will come crawling out of the wordwork to wreak some violence against you?

The paper didn't mind doing this to these people -- in fact, I think they intended it. They intended the lawful gun-license holders to feel intimidated, to feel as if their safety was compromised. That's how stalkers impose their wills on their targets-- the target is always aware that malicious intent lurks around them and may strike at any time.*

And now the paper whines because that selfsame loss of the feeling of security, that same feeling that now a dozens of emotionally unstable people might commit random violence in order to vindicate some political point, is now felt by they themselves.


*And THAT is why, like all bullies, they whine and cry like the little bitches they are when you take them on.

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