Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oh Noes! More DoooooooOOOOMMMM! OR something.

In today's Money Morning: why 2013 could be a big one for gold...and the best way to buy it...Stopping the house of cards folding...A big year for gold?...Insights on investing in gold... Brightest comet in 333 years to signal a major rally in gold? You are in for a celestial treat in 2013. Later this year, the brightest comet for 333 years will pass right by our planet. Comet 'Ison' is expected to blaze brighter than the moon. And if that's really the case, it will be visible even during the daytime. Two Russian astronomers, Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok, spotted Ison last year. Let's hope their calculations are correct, and that Ison isn't in fact headed for planet Earth instead! At fifty kilometres in diameter it would make a bit of an impact, and probably prove the Mayans right — if a year late! Ison will appear in the sky in November, and will still be visible through to next January. So be sure to put Ison in your calendar For thousands of years, many civilisations have seen comets as signals for major events. The bible talks of comets portending the Exodus, the first Passover and destruction of the temple. More recently, the famous 'Halley's comet' swung by just before World War One. On its next circuit it passed us just before the Persian Gulf War. So if Comet Ison is forecast to be the most spectacular comet in 333 years, then what on earth could 2013 have in store for us, and importantly the markets? I'll leave the grand predictions based on orbiting bodies to Mystic Meg and friends. And for my money, I'd simply predict more of the same from the markets this year. That is: more central bank meddling, more volatility, and yet more 'muddle-through'.
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